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Signing Up for a Role


In general, we encourage everyone to try and rotate between different roles, so you get familiar with different responsibilities and giving others a chance to perform the different roles as well. All roles other than the speaker role will be up for sign-up two Saturdays prior to the meeting at 11:30 AM.


EST has adopted an online role signup process @ easy-speak that makes it easy for members to register and track participation.

Here are some videos and tutorials that will walk you through the steps.


Quick links:


Detailed Tutorial:



Guidelines for registering for a Role


Registration Guidelines for Prepared Speaker Roles


Speaker roles are by far the most popular and are the first ones to fill up. EST has implemented the following guidelines to promote a fair opportunity for all members to present prepared speeches.


  • Speaker roles can be requested up to 10 meetings in advance. You can choose up to three "Preferred Dates". Please select all three dates when requesting your speech, if you select only one and that date gets filled up, then you would need to start the process of requesting all over again.

  • You must perform at least two non-speaker roles before requesting another speaker role (the only exception would be for the ice-breaker for new members).

  • Even if you have done two non-speaker roles, there is no guarantee that you will get your first preference. Preference will be given to the member who has not given a speech in a while over a member who has spoken recently.

  • If you have your speech ready, and you would like to go earlier than your scheduled date, you can sign-up for a reserve speaker spot. In the event a speaker cancels, you would be given first priority to fill their slot.

  • The VPE Team will start finalizing and assigning speaker roles three weeks prior to each meeting.





Registration for Toastmaster and Table Topics Master


Toastmaster and Topics Master are the two major roles that require additional preparation in order for EST to consistently experience a smooth, fun and rewarding meeting. In these roles, you are not just speaking; but also coordinating, conducting, and engaging other members and guests. These roles require you educate your audience on what to expect during the different stages of the meeting. With that in mind, here are some of the rules for registering for these roles:


  • For new members, you must have attended at least four meetings as a member AND given at least two speeches, or one speech and one evaluation, to qualify for serving as Toastmaster or Topics Master.


  • If this is your first time performing either role at EST (or you haven't performed either role at EST in a long time), you must consult with the VPE at least one week prior to the relevant meeting.


  • There must be a six-week gap between the same person taking the same major role, unless we cannot find another taker for the role.



Registration for Evaluator and General Evaluator


The following guidelines apply to members who wish to register as an evaluator.


  • New members must have attended at least two meetings as a member, and given at least one speech to become an evaluator.

  • First-time evaluators must consult with the VPE at least three days prior to the meeting.



Registration for Functionaries (Timer, Ah-counter, Grammarian)


These roles are available to all members at any time. New members are encouraged to take up these roles to get accustomed to the functional duties of running the meeting.


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